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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A simple test ....

This is post is proposed as a simple test of so-called AGW "skeptics" to see if they are entitled to their claim to skepticism. It just asks three simple questions. Any so-called AGW "skeptic" who wishes to self test their skepticism can do so by answering the questions. If all three answers are correct, you are entitled to a claim of skepticism about this aspect of climate science. You may still be unskeptical about others. Answers and follows up questions will be given in a following post if there is sufficient interest.

The questions:

In his well known book, "Heaven and Earth", Ian Plimer has claimed, "[M]assive volcanic erruptions (e.g. Mount Pinatubo) emit the equivalent of a year's human CO2 emissions in a few days." (Heaven and Earth, p. 472).

1) Is this claim true or false?

2) How do you know?

3) Explain a simple test which would establish almost certainly whether the claim is true or false, and carry it out?

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